NutriBullet 1000 Pro Blender – The Quick Blending Machine

Hello, this is Jessica from Texas. I am a housewife and have lived with my husband and children. As you know, kids crave exciting smoothies and juices, and you need a good blender to whip them up in seconds. I have a regular blender where doing these things can get hectic as they are slow compared to mini blenders and washing them can be difficult. Another reason is that they completely mix the nutrients from the ingredients in the mixing process and the kids don’t get the pure taste of the recipe.

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Therefore, my husband and I decided to buy a mini blender that could do all of these functions in seconds and without wasting or mixing all the nutrients. After searching the internet, we found out that there was an ongoing debate about the Magicbullet vs Nutribullet Mini Blender. However, these two mixers are of the same brand but people have their remarks on both mixers. After researching these two blenders and reading the detailed reviews of the two blenders at Alicecoopertown, we decided to buy the NutriBullet 1000 Pro.

The blender is quite cheaper compared to the regular blender and only costs us $ 49. The blender arrived within 3 business days and there are many items when you open the box including 2 different size mugs. One was 32 ounces and the other was 24 ounces.

Both of these containers look great and are made of hardened BPA free plastic. After reading the instructions for use, we find that this material is resistant to toxicity. The overall design of the mixer is unique and looks beautiful. The material used in the production of this unique mixer is exceptionally beautiful and of high quality. The plastic used in the engine base is hardened and almost looks like metal.

The blades are quite sharp and made of stainless steel. These blades can extract all the nutritional value from the ingredients without wasting them. The motor of this mixer is about 1000W which is quite powerful for this size of machine. I decided to read the user manual more to understand the functions of this mixer so that you can use it easily.

After reading the entire manual and instruction manual I decided to do something for my kids and put all the ingredients in a 32oz cup and place it on the motor base. The mixing process is easy, I just turn the mug twice and the blender starts the mixing process. It only took a few seconds for the blender to blend the ingredients and turn them into exciting smoothies.

The only thing I missed about this blender is the speed control which can be very essential in getting the texture you want for each recipe and there was also no pulse function in the mixer. However, this blender is the best and fast enough to make a recipe and I’m very happy with it and I would recommend everyone to buy it to ease your cooking work.